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Join us in OOPA’S World of Words, and learn all about the English language! OOPA helps children understand new vocabulary words and build literacy skills like letter knowledge, phonological awareness, and spelling.

Sing the ABC’s and begin your OOPA’s World of Words journey with the SCHOOL video!

OOPA’S World of Words is a series of educational videos for children ages 3 – 8 that supports English language acquisition through multiple modalities:

  • Phonological introduction to the word
  • Conversation about the meaning of the word in a social context
  • Interactive movement that amplifies the learning, allowing children to physically participate in the process and develop a mind-body connection

Children listen to and learn from native English speakers engaged in authentic social interactions. Slow and manageable pacing that mirrors real life allows viewers to improve their awareness of social and cultural norms.

Visit OOPA’S Official YouTube Channel to browse the full collection of word videos. New videos are added weekly – subscribe to never miss a new video!

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