Educational Learning Videos

Our at-home collections are ideal for parents and caregivers looking for quality educational videos that help children learn to manage emotions, build social skills, and learn new vocabulary. These videos are approximately 20-minutes long and were created specifically for preschool through early elementary-aged children. Build literacy skills and emotional intelligence, and get your kids up and moving with OOPA!

OOPA’S Core Emotions Collection: Volume 1

OOPA’S Core Emotions Collection: Volume 2

A Thoughtful Approach to Early Childhood Media

Research has shown that much of early childhood media does a disservice to our children through overstimulation — rapid animation, frequent camera cuts, negativity, and even violence — contributing to an increase in anxiety and attention problems. OOPA’S World changes that! 

It is important to ensure the media we show our children is thoughtful, incorporates movement, and reflects characteristics we hope to nurture in our children. OOPA’S World of Words was created with all of the following key elements of quality educational media:

  • Authentic, real-life scenarios
  • Human-to-human interactions and role models
  • Prosocial behavior
  • Slow and manageable pacing that mirrors real life, allowing kids to understand and digest its lessons
  • Interaction and physical engagement

For additional videos, visit the official OOPA YouTube channel and subscribe.

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