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OOPA’S World of Words is a series of educational videos for preschool – grade 2 learners that offers a unique intersection of language and literacy skills, social emotional learning, and physical development. In each episode, OOPA discovers a new word and explores the full meaning of the word through mindfulness, movement, and reflection.

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Learning about emotions


OOPA and her friends connect to emotions like HAPPY, WORRY, and CONFIDENT in their minds and their bodies. Experiencing words through multiple modalities increases accessibility to substantive learning and emotional understanding for children. 

Modeling social scenarios


OOPA and her friends model key social scenarios, like COOPERATE, FLEXIBLE and PATIENCE. Expose children to the pro-social behaviors you want to see in your classroom and home.

Introducing new vocabulary

GARDENING video title card. OOPA and her friend NoNo connect to the word GARDENING

Strengthen a student’s mastery of a new academic unit or vocabulary word, like RECYCLE, GARDENING, and WHEEL. These videos are conveniently aligned with Creative Curriculum units and learning standards.

Friends visit OOPA in her signature WORDSHOP where they explore what the word makes them think about, modeling curiosity and a growth mindset. Then they make a physical connection to the word with an interactive and imaginative movement segment, known as a “WORD Movement.” OOPA ends every episode with a quiet reflection, modeling mindfulness as a healthy habit.

With authentic social interactions and real-life pacing, OOPA’S World of Words is research-based and modeled after classic shows like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street.

Moving the body can help move the mind, allowing new concepts to be more memorable and helping our children better navigate our world of words.

Visit OOPA’S Official YouTube Channel to browse the full collection of feelings, scenarios, and early childhood vocabulary words. Subscribe to never miss a new video!

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